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Five Elements Spa & Beauty wellnes and spa centre is a top-quality centre which brings world class service to Belgrade in a carefully created atmosphere, providing relaxation for the whole body and pleasure for all the senses. Through one of over 50 treatments we combine age-old eastern traditions with modern technology in the hands of experienced massage, cosmetic and aesthetic therapy experts, which only the finest spa centres in Serbia can offer.

The philosophy behind the Five Elements theory and their use for therapeutic purposes is that everything on Earth, and the human body as such, has been created by combining these five elements. Following the five elements philosophy through the Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Ether Rooms in Five Elements Beauty & Spa centre, we are introducing the sixth element with the help of Five Elements ritual which simbolyses balance and complete harmony of body and mind.

Royal VIP

Five elements VIP

The favourite space of our most demanding guests. Only for real hedonists.

Five Elements

The FIVE ELEMENTS Room or Royal VIP apartment is a private room with its own jacuzzi, IR sauna, separate shower cabin, double matress for the Thai massage and two more therapeutic tables for face and body treatments desired by clients. This room represents the favourite space of our most demanding guests.Here we also perform our Thalgo rituals and massages for two. This room signifies space, thoughts, love and energy that can be felt by anyone who steps into this magical spa world full of completely balanced energy. Ether is a primary source of energy that creates and animates the other elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Akasha Etar

The ETRA room or "Akasha VIP room" is a private room with its own Jacuzzi and steam room where the Thai massage is performed. Clients often choose this room as part of our gift certificates. It is rented to clients for a period of 60 or 120 minutes without the massage, or for a period of 90 minutes with the Thai massage included. The Ether Element is some sort of extraordinary element, the connecting force which joins all the other elements. Ether is the fifth element which connects and flows through the matter, and is also part of our bodies.

Prithvi Earth

The EARTH room represents a peaceful cosmetic retreat where, apart from the usual face and body treatments, our Five Elements Spa & Beauty expert team recommends unique treatments of the French cosmetic company Thalgo, world leader in natural cosmetics. The basic foundation of all elements is Earth. It is the element of stability, foundation and body. The Earth represents the empire of wisdom, knowledge, strength, growth and prosperity. Earth is the one where life unfolds and the heart of life itself. Our Earth room is reserved for beauty.

Jalam Water

The WATER Room is reserved for Hawaiian "break-break" massage. This type of massage is a relaxing massage which is performed to the "break-break" rhythm of the traditional Hawaiian music on a water bed which is warm and is changing colours. The technique itself is specific – there are three types of movements where the forearm is used, and the client has the floating on water feeling the whole time. Water is a necessity without which there is no life. Only earth and water can produce life. The magnitude of water is such that no spiritual regeneration can be achieved without it.

Agni Fire

The FIRE room represents the fountain of life, the heart of energy and is the driving force within us, the spring of joy and enthusiasm. The FIRE room is reserved for all kinds of thermal procedures, i.e. body treatments and massage techniques such as warm volcanic rocks massage, hot chocolate massage and so on.

Vaya Air

The AIR room is a pleasant enviroment where guests can relax and indulge in the spell of the Spa manicure and Zen pedicure treatment and surrender to the smells of top creams, masks and packages for your hands and feet courtesy of the Opi brand, currently the finest brand on the market.

Five Elements Spa
Five Elements Spa
Five Elements Spa
Five Elements Spa

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Five Elements Beauty&Spa allows you a gift, a very original and easy way, cheer up a person you loved,a friend or business partner.

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Vouchers can be ordered via the website or telephone call center .You can pay via business account (company) or simply buy directly here by cach money or credit card.

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GIFT Vaucher with a value of 1000,2000,5000,10 000 RSD you can buy very easily online true the Eventim