Face Treatments

They include a wide variety of treatments for all skin types and ages. Thalgo is a high quality French brand whose line of cosmetics does not contain paraben, mineral oils, propylene glycol animal, raw materials of animal origin (except beeswax), strong colourants and silicone. It includes the cleaning line, hydration, anti-aging, bleaching, treatments for men as well as treatments around the eye area.

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Completely natural! All our users have become our most faithful clients, thanks to this!



The hyaluronic line is dedicated to moderating the highlighted wrinkles. Active ingredients: hyaluronic acid known as hyaluronan, it is part of the human body, mostly located in connective tissue and joints. It is a polymer sugar molecule whose main characteristic is the ability to connect water. As a result of that the hyaluronic acid is considered as the main weapon in fighting the aging process of the skin. The creames contain flower and fruit overtones.



Before starting every treatment the skin needs to be purified, peeled and revitalised so that the active ingredients from the treatment can have deep effect on the quality of the skin. Purifying and revitalizing skin mixtures are recommended for continual house care, so that the best results can be achieved in combination with serums and creams.


Hydration Process

For dehydrated skin without glow. For all skin types. All inclusive treatment that brings back optimal hydration, deeply renews the skin making it soft and silky. It fills fine wrinkles making the complexion bright and shiny. The skin is revitalized from within. Active ingredients: Creams from hydration line contain intertwined tea overtones with fresh rose and jasmine flowers.

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Gift Certificates and Current Offers

Especially for you and your loved ones we offer the possibility to create gift certificates to your liking as well as treatments specifically designed by our therapists at special prices.

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GIFT Vauchers

Five Elements Beauty&Spa allows you a gift, a very original and easy way, cheer up a person you loved,a friend or business partner.

Amount & contents (which treatment or combination of treatments) of Five Elements Beauty&Spa GIFT Vaucher you can determine by yourself,or we can help you to choose the Best one.

Vouchers can be ordered via the website or telephone call center .You can pay via business account (company) or simply buy directly here by cach money or credit card.

You can take a Gift Vaucher personaly and give it to the person you want to give it to the person you love or your business partners. Also, we can deliver it directly to  the person you bought the voucher for.

GIFT Vaucher with a value of 1000,2000,5000,10 000 RSD you can buy very easily online true the Eventim