Five elements massages

Float into the world of our massage brands, carefully thought out by our highly qualified therapists designed to satisfy all Your senses. Experience the water bed massage, luxuriate in volcanic rocks treatment, delight in massages performed with oil of exotic plants such as lime, lavender, cedar, patchouli and many others, as well as coconut oil or high quality chocolate and shea butter.


Chocolate Massage

This massage is recommended for all kinds of nerve and muscle tensions with the effect of achieving complete relaxation. Chocolate is known to help the emission of endorfins - the hormone of happiness which in combination with shea butter is a genuine elixir for the skin and all the senses. Pure hedonism.


Candle Massage

This type of massage is an absolute hit for those who like to feel deeper pressure, but also want their skin to feel nourished. This type of massage also consists of foot massage and the benefit comes from a candle which is a mixture of quality Shea butter and natural, mineral and essential oils full of divine smells.


Honey and Almond Massage

This sensational spa treatment combines three things in one. Pleasant skin peeling of the whole body with particles of crushed almond, the massaging of the whole body with light yet energetic movements so as to lift the tonus, packing of the whole body so as to achieve hydration and nourishment of the skin with honey. During this packing process, face and neck massages are being performed. The scent that awakens your senses, the feeling of smoothness and the silk effect on your skin give you an unforgettable sensation.



Reflexology is an ancient skill based on the massaging of the reflexive points on hands and feet, where each of the points is compatible with an organ so as to improve its functions. We can use reflexive therapy with essential oils for relaxation, improving of the circulation and concentration, lifting of the general tonus and revitalization of the body, as well as for reducing the nerve anxiety and aggression, eliminating chronic fatigue.


Hawaiian Break-Break Massage

The ancient Hawaiian massage known as Break-Break massage is based on long and continuous moves using the forearms harmoniously, following the rhythm of the music and breathing. Thereby the system of physical energy starts to move, as well as body and mind. This massage is also known as ’the hands of love’ and it will relieve you from everyday cumulative stress. It affects the concentration and emotional blockade. It is performed on a water bed with light swinging and light therapy.


Sports Massage

It includes specific hand moves achieving quicker and fuller preparation of athletes for training sessions, intensifying and extending the time of the training session and it also boosts sporting ability. It allows quicker and more complete removal of all kinds of unwanted and harmful consequences due to increased physical activity. This type of massage is essential for all athletes and recreational players, as well as for people who feel fatigue and are under a lot of stress.


Hot stone

Warm volcanic rocks are placed on the energetic body points. The volcanic rocks treatment is based on using the geomagnetic features of the volcanic rocks and their energy. The warmth that volcanic rocks exude melts the tension in the muscles and allows the therapist to treat the deep muscles without using deep pressure. This massage helps people who are experiencing problems with circulation, insomnia, back pain as well as some rheumatic conditions.


Indian Scalp

This type of massage stimulates the nerves and blood vessels which are placed just beneath the skin of the scalp, while simultaneously soothing the tense neck and head muscles. By massaging the scalp the production of certain body compounds is stimulated, such as endorphins and serotonin which bring good spirits, eliminate the tension and allow complete relaxation.


Royal Massage

personally with four hands and provides you with an unbelievable experience of stress relief, deep relaxation and the recurrence of mental and spiritual glow. It is popular due to its extremely relaxing effect, because every part of your body is doubly taken care of, as opposed to the classic massage. Two highly skilled and experienced therapists are synchronized in bringing you total bliss.


Journey Around the World

This unequalled relaxing experience connects different cultures entwining techniques of Swedish, Hawaiian and shiatsu massage and Chinese reflexology. Combination of the most effective elements of different types of massage styles is one of the most desired treatments because it allows unparalleled relaxation for all the muscles and leads you into an alpha state of relaxation. This royal treatment concludes with feet reflexology as a symbolic end to the journey through the world of relaxation and enjoyment.

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Especially for you and your loved ones we offer the possibility to create gift certificates to your liking as well as treatments specifically designed by our therapists at special prices.

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GIFT Vauchers

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