Spa Oasis

Enter this small paradise and experience hydro massage bathtubs, different types of saunas. Loosen up under the showers of adventure and feel the tropical rain pulsating with exotic aromas. Ice therapy will regenerate you completely. It will bring back the inner balance of your body and mind. The time you spend in Spa oasis will remain unforgettable.


Spa Oasis

Exquisite sanctuary dedicated to body cleansing. Everybody will find time to enjoy the Spa Oasis, easily and without effort. In Spa Oasis there are: finnish sauna, infrared sauna, aroma steam bath, cryotherapy, the showers of adventure, Kneipp hydro reflexology, tepidariums, anatomic deck chairs, hydro massage bathtub, as well as health retreat...


Bio sauna

is a combination of the Finnish sauna and aromas of the steam bath. Its temperature ranges from 55-60 °C which makes it feel more pleasant, as opposed to the classic Finnish sauna. It is good for those people who cannot stand high temperatures and because of that this sauna can be enjoyed longer. Higher humidity of 50 % as well as essential oils of the healing mountain herbs cause toxin emission, deeply purifying the skin leaving it silky smooth and gentle. It strengthens the immunity and has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. Colour therapy and soothing music will relax you and complete your stay in the Biosauna.


Finnish sauna

is a dry sauna whose temperature ranges from 80-110 degrees Celsius with the humidity of 5-15%. The high temperature in the sauna stretches the capillaries, speeds up the metabolism, opens up the pores causing heavy sweating. The sweat helps the emission of toxins, as well as lactic acid which is the main cause of muscle tiredness. The dry air allows easy sweat evaporation. After spending a short amount of time in the sauna a cold shower is recommended which tightens the blood vessels that were streched due to high temperatures. The sweating is slowed down and flow of the blood to the heart is easier.


Infrared sauna

The temperature of the infrared sauna ranges from 55 to 65 degrees Celsius. The infrared rays lift the body temperature two to three degrees and help the body fight pathogenic microorganisms that cause infections. The heat coming from infrared radiation is used in medicine to treat muscle tension, aching of the joints, pain and neck, rheumatic conditions, arthritis and sports injuries. The advantage of this sauna is that the heat penetrates the body 5 cm deep and so warms the body from the inside and out. In that way the circulation is improved, detoxication process is speeded up, sweating is stimulated and this process continues for 30 minutes after leaving the sauna. The infrared sauna gently stretches the peripheral blood vessels, the flow of blood and oxygen is faster and, as a result, muscle and soft tissue pain decreases causing faster recovery.



warm water in the jacuzzi speeds up the circulation, the body is becoming lighter, relieving the stress from the muscles and joints. Small water jests for hydro massage relax your muscles.



are special ceramic bath tubs for the feet with built in small water jets for hydro massage. Using the hot and cold water massage alternately strengthens the blood vessels and relaxes the feet.


The Showers of Adventure

stimulate the tropical rain effect with alernately hot and cold skin sensations. The experience is complete with side masseurs who will relax your muscles while mango and mint aromas will awaken your senses.



After experiencing saunas and warmth we recommend the ice massage so as to lower your body temperature. While cooling your body it also relieves the pain, tightens the blood vessels, has an anti-inflammatory and antiedema effect.


Aroma steam bath

is the sauna whose main characteristic is high humidity of 100 % and the temperature of 45-50 ° C. It contains salt atomizer, as well as peppermint aroma that open and cleanse the respiratory tract. Warm steam opens up the pores, removes the dead cells and impurity leaving the skin cleaner, more elastic and soft. It improves the lymph and blood circulation and causes toxin emissions from the body.



are specific ceramic deck chairs. Their anatomic shape and warmth relieve and relax your body.


Health Retreat

By spending time in saunas, the body loses a lot of fluids and electrolites. Body balance needs to be recovered with fresh water filled with slices of lime, herbal and fruit teas as well as green apples.

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